July 27, 2010

Why I Blog

(Disclaimer: the picture above has nothing to do with the content of my post, I just really like it and miss my Smitty, so I wanted to share it. Sorry for any confusion this may cause you....I'm not always rational!)

So, I wanted to explain why I decided to blog. Many people who hear I have a blog look at me like I have 10 heads.....so, I wanted to let you in on why I decided to do this in the first place.

Let me first say, I have always loved to write! I had always thought I would write a book someday.....don't know about that now, but I've had many starts throughout my lifetime. Some good, and some, well, ugh. So, I enjoy expressing myself through writing.

Now, the idea to blog had come to me several times, and I usually dismissed it. But, when we entered "The Big Transition", I needed a voice! The way things happened, I was left without one. No one asked my opinion, or how I felt, or what was going on with me (except for my Music Man, he was very tender towards me and my feelings). So, I needed an outlet....the great cyber-space where I could scream, rant, rave and vent all I needed to! Well, when I sat down to type, I couldn't vent like I wanted, but it came out different, and better. And so, my blog was born.

I started seeing a bigger purpose for my blog. All my life, I have felt like I was alone in the way I thought, felt and expressed myself. I thought that I was weird, and no one could or should  feel or think the way I do. Then, I started forming grown up relationships, and deep friendships, and found out that I was much more normal than I thought, and not so alone. So, out of that realization came my title....

People want connection. That is without a doubt, 100% true, whether anyone wants to admit it or not. People want to feel like they can relate to someone, in any area of their life. This is the great thing about blogging. You feel connected. You feel like you are a part of something that makes sense. You can relate to life, when it's shared, and when it's real. I like that about blogging.

Now, on a personal conviction/calling level, I want to be encouraging. I want people to be able to read my posts and think she went through it, I can too. Or, I've been there, and I can get victory from that. Or, I'm not alone in thinking this way, there's someone out there that thinks the same thing. You know, things like that.

I have also always had big dreams for my life. I feel now that I am in a place where God is going to bring them to pass. I have always felt like I was supposed to do something big, lasting and meaningful with my life. (I thought that meant doctor, until I took my first college level biology course and almost failed it because of the labs - yuck!) I have had visions of myself speaking to thousands of people, and bringing hope, and comfort, and vision, and life. I had always thought that everyone had those visions of themselves, and then found out that most people don't. Then I struggled with, is this a pride issue, but realized it's not. I do not feel like I deserve to do what I feel driven to do, nor do I feel like I would be the best one. I just know there's something in me screaming to get out, and it won't go away. So, for now, I wait, and I write. I enjoy sharing my life, and my hopes and dreams, and even my disappointments with my readers. If one person is touched....it's worth it. That is what I pray when I write.

So, this is my starting point. This is where I pray that someone will read and feel a little bit better about themselves. This is where I hope to connect with people that will also encourage me, as many of you who read my posts have already. This is why I blog! Why did you choose to blog?


Karen said...

First of all, did you recently change the look of your blog? I think you did. I really, really like it!

My reasons for blogging? Mine are similar to yours. I actually wrote about it in my very first post. Main reasons...always loved writing, a way to get back into journaling, and something that I could call my own (since becoming a mom my hobbies have bit by bit gone by the wayside). Oh, and I've discovered that connection is a great benefit too!

sweetnspicymom said...

I did change the layout....thanks for noticing!! :o) I really enjoy reading your posts! It's fun to be a mom, but it's also fun to still be who God made YOU to be too! Be blessed!

GapGirl said...

Oh I have sooo many reasons, one because its an extension of my journaling for the last 21 years, I have sooo much to say. You will be surprised at the support and the great Christian community out there in blog-land. Great friends to be had!