July 24, 2010

Proper Post

I promised to try to blog today, and here I go....

I had mentioned a few days ago that I have a problem with structure. Well, Gidders is doing his personal best to get me out of bed and get breakfast on the table for the kids. This is what I found when I woke up the other day....

He told me he wanted to eat all the marshmallows...apparently out of the whole box! The end result of this was an empty box of Lucky Charms (that I bought the day before) and a HUGE bowl of Lucky Charms without marshmallows for mommy for breakfast. Oh well....mostly my fault for wanting to sleep a little longer.

I also received a new toy on Thursday, which took up most of my day Thursday moving all of my information.

Isn't it pretty?? It's my new phone! I now have internet and facebook on my phone!! Yay! For those of you who know me, this is a dream come true for me! (ok, not quite as good as sliced bread, but pretty awesome!) I also have a good texting keyboard, since that is my most used form of communication these days. It's so much easier to text than to get into a conversation and have to say, "I'm sorry, can you hold on a second?" about 5,000 times due to children interruptions. Anyway, I digress....

So, that's fun for me! I have also been feeling pretty good here this past week, as far as transitioning goes. I feel like I am beginning to find my place, and conversations aren't quite as awkward as they were two weeks ago. I am enjoying everyone around me immensely! I am enjoying the fact that I feel like I belong now.

We are getting ready for Invasion this coming week. If you pray, please pray for our city! We are going out to the community to make an impact for the Kingdom, and from what I hear....this week each year is amazing! I am so looking forward to being a part of the worship team again (I get to sing!) and also help out with the Free Sports Camp for the kids. I love that the pulse of my church is for souls! I am enjoying stepping out of myself to make conversation and look for areas where I can be a blessing to people around me that I don't know! 

Last Sunday was amazing for me....to learn more about how easy it really is to step out and relate to people. I really need to not care what people think of me. I think God began that training in me in the beginning of "The Big Transition" 8 months ago. I know that I need to constantly check my heart and motivation, and stay accountable to the Word and those in authority over me....but I need not fear man. It's so freeing to feel that finally! 

So, to keep this from getting to cumbersome...things are moving forward here, and I couldn't be happier. The kids school supplies and uniforms are purchased, sorted and waiting for the first day of school, I am working on getting a part time job, and there is life at the church. Life is good.

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