July 9, 2010

One Month Ago Today...

Our new life adventure began in Alabama! The moving truck (pictured here in PA) arrived bright and early at our new house, and the unpacking began! I got some pictures, very sporadically as the truck was being unloaded, since my assistance was needed to direct traffic. (please remember that all of these pictures are taken on moving day....my house does NOT look like this anymore!)

This is our formal living/dining room, which is being purposed as a music room/office/prayer room at the moment.

This is the computer/book area. It's right off the den, so I can keep an eye on what the kids are doing on their computer!

This is Gabe's room, which has a whole new look already. We've put both boys in here, with bunk beds, since it is such a large space! In less than one month, we already shuffled rooms!

This was Gideon's room (pink and all!), but is going to be our guest/reading room. More on that tomorrow!!

Libby's room....she has lots of space to dance and sing while she's doing whatever it is that almost 7 year old girls do in their bedrooms!

My master suite! Another of my favorite rooms in the house! Extremely large bedroom, walk-in closet that could be another room, and bathroom with separate tub, shower, toilet room and his and hers vanities.

God has truly blessed us with this house! The house is 2x as big as the one we left in PA, with too many upgrades to mention! We had a prayer list for what we hoped for God to do for us during our time of transition, and I detailed the amenities I wanted in a house on that list. EVERYTHING I prayed for, I got in this house....and for way less than we anticipated ever paying for it! God is so good! I love my new southern ranch!

As I sit here and blog, hubby is outside mowing the lawn, the kids are riding their bikes up and down the street, and I am still in wonder and amazement at the place God has brought us to! Some days are hard, some days are perfect, but I wouldn't trade this ride God has us on for anything you would care to offer me! 

We are starting to get settled into our new southern way of life, and are looking forward to all that God will unfold for us here. There was a lot of pain in our transition, a lot of worry and frustration, but my God is faithful! He brought us through and out of what could have totally devastated us, and has blessed us beyond measure!

So, one month later, I am still humbled, and amazed at what God has done....and wondering....what is the next step of His plan??


GapGirl said...

Still sooo happy for y'all and hope this feeling never gets old!!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the South! I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. You're new house is beautiful. God does seem to delight in providing so much more than we can ever dream of asking for!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I've enjoyed visiting your and seeing all your pictures.

Have a beautiful day!