July 15, 2010

Settling In

Ok....we're a little over a month into our new home, and I am feeling very settled. I've done some rearranging, and some dreaming, but I feel good about where we are. This is my kitchen....I LOVE my kitchen! I'll share a secret about my kitchen with you....there are some empty cabinets in there! This area is HUGE compared to my old house (which had a galley kitchen in it). We did some updating to our stuff in here....the chairs around the table are all new....and beautiful, and stable! They lend a much more finished look to our table than our old chairs did. As you can see, we have some pictures on the wall, and the shiny thing hanging on the left is the kids responsibility chart and our prayer list. In both shots you can see my new treat, a cookie jar that is being used as a candy jar for my kids. I picked it up at Old Time Pottery, and love how it looks on my island! There are some wallpaper/border modifications I would like to make in here....but that all comes in time. I enjoy cooking and eating in this new space!

Here is where my new sofa landed, and the desks the owners left for us at the house. I am liking more and more the way this room is shaping up! You can see my hubby working away at his desk on the left, and my domain is on the right. I love having a place for my computer, the bills I am responsible for, and my devotional stuff. Also on the right side of this picture is the rocking chair we got when I found out I was pregnant with our first. That chair has been through three babies and holds a special place in my heart. I don't know that I'd move anywhere without it.
Pictured above is the biggest change we've made so far. We have bunked the boys together! They really enjoy it, and it does make life easier for me....except for when Gideon gets up too early, but that will change when school starts and we're all on the same sleep schedule again. The thing you can't tell from this picture is how enormous this room actually is!! The boys have more than enough room for all of their stuff and extra room to tumble around and not get hurt. This is a great space for them, and they are growing closer since they are spending more time together. I love it!

So, that is just some of the updating we've done on my house. It's not perfect, it's not perfectly clean, but it's mine and I love it!!

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