September 28, 2011

It's over....or just beginning?

So, I am feeling so much better from the surgery! The pain is getting less as I try to accomplish around the house and be Mommy again....not completely gone, but I am back to taking pain medicine only at night. That makes me one happy person!

But, I am one tired Mama! Seems I've been called off the sidelines and put back into action, whether I'm ready or not! Libby, Gideon and I have all been diagnosed with strep, and Jon and Gabe are fighting the good fight, but now with medicinal aid. It's been quite an interesting week. So, it seems the more I do, the more I want to do, but am not physically able to do quite yet. So, I am here, tired, but feeling satisfied. And ready to be put back into life.

Tomorrow will be Libby's first day at school this week, and Gideon will go back Friday. Gabe hasn't missed a day yet, and is begging me to let him still go. His big argument is "as long as my fever's only 99 they'll let me go, so you have to too". He's too smart for his own good, but I am thankful that he enjoys school that much!

So, here I am. Finally resting today, and mentally preparing for all I want to do tomorrow. Two things that I don't want to compromise are A HAIRCUT, and my follow up appointment for my surgery. Friday I finally get to go back to work, for just a half day, to "ease" back into my routine....

So, happy Wednesday to all, and to all, a good life! :)

September 26, 2011

And Here We Go Again

I am so inspired when I read other people's blogs, it makes me want to write again! Then life seems to happen, and I disappear. So, here is another attempt to re-enter this blog world....

Our family has been through quite a lot since we last "chatted". It's amazing all that has gone on in our house....

Jon had an accident that, according to every doctor he's seen, should have left him paralyzed at the least, dead at most. God had his hand on Jon that day! He is healing quite well, and feeling better everyday! Thank you Jesus!

I had a pain issue in the beginning of May, and it resolved after several weeks, and then started again at the end of August. This time it led to pretty serious surgery, which I believe will fix everything, but led to a two week recuperation period. Tough break for an hourly employee.....but my God shall supply all my needs! And He did!

During my recuperation, my Gidders got sick first, then Libbers. Poor Libby ended up having strep throat. But, before we found that out, Jon had another trip to an urgent care after mowing the lawn, when he broke out in hives all over, and his chest started tightening. Turns out that was an allergic reaction to, most probably, ants....

So, things have been crazy, but we have not! In the midst of everything, we have had such peace that God had us in the palm of His hand through it all. Every detail, God orchestrated perfectly to keep us fed, protected, and covered. His attention to every detail never ceases to amaze me!

Before my surgery, we had a plan that would be a simple, outpatient procedure that would only take me out of work for about 3 days....but would possibly not fix the real problem. We consulted with the doctor, we prayed, and we had those that love us pray, and came up with a plan that could take me out for 2 weeks....and we had no way to make up my salary for those days....we decided to trust God, and He worked it out! I got the procedure that Jon and I and the doctor feel will fix the issue, and the day after my surgery, we got notification that the house in PA finally sold, and we had money coming to us! The check was for more than what I make in two weeks! God is so good! We had waited and waited for this house to sell, but God had it planned for when we would need it most.

Gabe and Libby are both in Junior Bible Quiz this year, and Gabe had a great first match, earned another ribbon for it. Libby, sadly, didn't get to quiz her first time out....maybe next month!

Gidders is in! Where did that time go?? He is doing amazing! All three of my kids are very, very smart! They do great in school, and for the most part, get along with most around them. I am a very blessed Mommy!

Jon is doing great! He has really found his place in our church, and with the staff, and is finding more everyday that he's good at! He has been amazing through all of this chaos that has been swirling around our family, and has been the absolute best husband and father to all of us!

I am still trying to get a handle on things, the house, where I fit into all of this, but it will come. I need to be completely well for a while! Work has been good, and I have to say, I've actually missed it since I've been out. But, I won't have to miss it for much longer.....

So, that's the family in a nutshell....thanks for stopping by and reading!