September 28, 2011

It's over....or just beginning?

So, I am feeling so much better from the surgery! The pain is getting less as I try to accomplish around the house and be Mommy again....not completely gone, but I am back to taking pain medicine only at night. That makes me one happy person!

But, I am one tired Mama! Seems I've been called off the sidelines and put back into action, whether I'm ready or not! Libby, Gideon and I have all been diagnosed with strep, and Jon and Gabe are fighting the good fight, but now with medicinal aid. It's been quite an interesting week. So, it seems the more I do, the more I want to do, but am not physically able to do quite yet. So, I am here, tired, but feeling satisfied. And ready to be put back into life.

Tomorrow will be Libby's first day at school this week, and Gideon will go back Friday. Gabe hasn't missed a day yet, and is begging me to let him still go. His big argument is "as long as my fever's only 99 they'll let me go, so you have to too". He's too smart for his own good, but I am thankful that he enjoys school that much!

So, here I am. Finally resting today, and mentally preparing for all I want to do tomorrow. Two things that I don't want to compromise are A HAIRCUT, and my follow up appointment for my surgery. Friday I finally get to go back to work, for just a half day, to "ease" back into my routine....

So, happy Wednesday to all, and to all, a good life! :)

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