July 12, 2010

Super Blonde!

Here is a pic of me when I had super blonde hair!! Oh, how I miss it!! (it was also super-short, which I don't so much miss) I had maintained my blonde for a few months until I decided it was too much upkeep and too bad for my hair and tried to go back to my natural color....didn't work. I am close, but not quite there yet. I really miss my bright blonde though....and not shown in this picture, there was a bit of purple in the front bang area....a little hidden, but noticeable. I miss that too!

I used to work at a beauty school, and oh the things I let them talk me into!! But, this was my favorite, and I would love to do it again....but now I would have to pay to have it done! Yikes!! Maybe I should just let it grow, and let all the color grow out of it, and see what happens?? (now I sound like my husband)

So, for now, it's all natural for me! We'll see what happens next week!

1 comment:

GapGirl said...

Just get a kit from the store. I NEVER pay salons for hair color and I have been every color under the sun (even pink...) Its fun and only air. I say do it!!!