March 25, 2010

Spring Anticipation

This spring, everything that spring stands for has a whole new meaning to it for me. New life, new beginnings, refreshing rains, anticipation, hope, expectation....that's right where my life is right now! We are on a journey that has started out with devastation, hopelessness, helplessness, anxiety, some fear, lots of heartache and torment. With the help of our Savior, my righteous Daddy, we have worked through those feelings and have come out victorious!!! Yes, we still have moments of various mixtures of those feelings, we haven't arrived at our God-appointed destination yet....but they are now only moments...sprinkled with all the anticipation of spring, and our new life yet to unfold before us!

My husband and I left the church we began our ministry together in at the end of November. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we did not leave the way we had it in our hearts to....and it was painful! For us, for our kids, for the church....and this begins the journey we are on now. We honestly never thought we would ever leave that place, and never imagined where this journey would take us.

God has been faithful to provide all our needs, and above, during this transition that we have been in since November, and He continues to do so. He has shown us time and time again that He is our provider, our Source, and we lack no good thing with Him! Praise God!

This weekend we are taking a long-anticipated trip to "interview" at a church in Alabama. We know that God will lead us right where He wants us to be, and we are hopeful, expectant, and excited about what our future holds in Him!

So, my sage advice to anyone who feels like they are stuck in a winter season in your life....spring is on it's way!! :o)

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