March 21, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

So, I know that TV gets a bad rap...but there are some shows that are just great for escaping reality for a while...some of my faves are; Everybody Loves Raymond, The Office and King of Queens. I would highly recommend all of these if you are in need of a good laugh. Some days, this is the perfect end to a not-so-perfect day for me. They can also be the perfect end of a perfect day for me too! Thankfully, my hubby enjoys these shows as much as I do!

So, we were in MD visiting my side of the family for the weekend, and we got home, got the kids bathed, fed and in bed in record time. Now, hubby and I are enjoying wings and Raymond, and getting ready to call it a night! Back to reality tomorrow, and looking forward to our trip this weekend! we come!

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GapGirl said...

Gotta love guilty pleasures!!!