March 14, 2010

New to this....

Well, here it very first post! There is so much going on in my life, I need to get it out somewhere, so I figured going to the vast amazing-ness that is the internet would be the best way to do this!
My family is in a major world-change at the moment, and it gets overwhelming sometimes, so I need to vent to someone!! Today was a big downer kinda day. The day started amazing, with an incredible church service and amazing presence of God, then the phone call came.
We were in CT for the weekend, and before we left, our dog Smitty ran away...I'll get to the details of that another time. Anyway, we forwarded our home phone to our cell phone, and eagerly awaited the call that would tell us that someone found our dog. The call came around 3 this afternoon, and the news was not good. A woman told me she was with our dog, but he was no longer alive, on the side of the bypass. Thank God someone had the sensitivity to even call and let us know, but another loss has befallen my already fragile family. We haven't told the kids yet, because they had an amazing weekend, and we didn't want to bring all of those good feelings to an end so abruptly, so we will break the news to them tomorrow...
I don't know how much more of this we can take, but I still hold firm that I serve an amazing, faithful God who will restore everything that we have lost in this transition!
For right now, I will go to bed....I am wiped out, and I will properly introduce myself tomorrow....RIP Smitty....we love you and will miss you terribly!

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GapGirl said...

Awesome post, so sad to see your baby gone..... xoxo