August 12, 2010

Invasion - Finally!

So, I have been not blogging a whole lot here lately. I think I need to cut back to once or twice a week. I am now working part time, the kids have all started school, and I am still on a roller coaster ride with my emotions. In all reality, we have done A LOT in the 2 months we've lived here. TWO months....that's it!! It's crazy to me that it's only been that short a time. We have dived into life here full steam ahead in that short time period.

Anyway, so Invasion week. This was a totally transforming week for me. First of all, I got recruited to help coach the softball team for Mega Sports Camp. That was so much fun! A huge stretch for me, but TONS of fun! I also enjoyed getting to know my partner in crime better....I made a new, good friend!

So, Invasion.....our church, and the teens who came from across the bay, totally touched our city, and it won't ever be the same again! Praise God! The entire week is outreach driven, focused and fueled! Topped off with amazing services in the evenings, and it made for an exhausting, transforming time in my life! I had the privilege of singing on the worship team for the services, and being able to be there for every one of them....including the one at the beach! I have never, in my entire life, seen teens go so hard after God, and serve Him with so much passion! After hearing some of their stories, I can see why they do....God has pulled them out of the pit, and they are grateful, and want the same thing for everyone they know, and don't know!

There were multiple outreaches going on around the city of Mobile for 4 days straight, and every teen was involved in every outreach, every day. It was such an awesome opportunity for them to learn to reach out to the city while they are young, so they're not as afraid to do it when they get older. Fear stops us from doing way too many things!

I need to give a shout out to my Music Man here for a second....he led youth worship, hard-core worship, for the first time ever, and he was amazing! (the only picture I have of him from that week was the beach worship, which he did not lead and I did not sing) He totally led those kids into the presence of God, and created an atmosphere that they could relate to and get lost in the presence of God in. He was awesome! (Today is also his birthday.....happy birthday honey!)

I feel like I am rambling brain is short circuiting...I need to try to get some down time and then try to revisit this.....

So, I'll leave you with a snap shot of my kids on the first day of school. I feel as though I am consumed by this stark routine change....and need to come up for air! The lazy days of summer are surely over....

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