August 4, 2010

Birthday Month

August in our house brings lots of celebration! We have 3 August babies in our family of 5! My MusicMan is first, followed by my Gidder, and then Libby-bibby! We also entered into a church family that is full of August birthdays too!
We used to do separate parties for each August birthday, but that's just not practical anymore. So, we have changed to one blowout bash for all 3 birthday babies! (sorry MusicMan, but you're still your Mama's baby!)

This year will prove to be interesting, as far as the birthdays go. We are in a new state, with no family, and all new friends. Also, the kids start school this Monday....this will be the first year they will be in school for their birthdays. I have no idea HOW we're gonna celebrate this year! But one thing I do know, I am thankful for my August babies! I am so blessed!

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GapGirl said...

School on Monday??? WOW... can't believe that time of year is already here... Im sure you will think of a very special way to spend everyones birthday. A perfect way to start a new tradition!!!