March 18, 2011

Too Much to Think About

So....I've been gone for a while...there is so much going on in my mind, and unfortunately, I don't want to share any of it yet! So, where does that leave us??

My new job....I LOVE it!!! I really enjoy the people I work with, the environment, and the job itself. I am happy to say I am one of the few who enjoys going to work! Yay me!!!

Church is great.....very busy, but very good! We are getting ready to do Heaven's Gates, Hell's Flames. I am in it, and am excited to get on the stage again. I really love acting! I am also very proud of my husband, who made the very best commercial I've ever seen.....go check it out on! The little kid voice is my little, little man, Gideon! It seems that MusicMan has many, many talents....which I knew already! I "heart" him!

The kids are doing great....Gabe is at a Junior Bible Quiz tournament this weekend.....the semi-finals. They had a great first day of quizzing today, expecting more of the same tomorrrow for them! Libby is coming into her own love of drama, in everyday life! She is so full of life, and loves to express herself. I get a kick out of watching her! Gideon is larger than life, as usual! That kid cracks me up!! You never know what is gonna come out of that sweet little face, and usually end up in stitches!

Judith is amazing! We love having her here with us, and seeing all of the great things God is doing in her and through her. She's in the play too.....and a mighty good actress herself!! I enjoy having another (mostly)grown woman around the house!

So, that's what's been going on with me.....I miss the blog world....and hope to have a handle on my schedule and type a little more! Have a fabulous weekend all!!!

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