November 29, 2010

Monday, Monday

Hello blog world! It's so nice to be back....

I guess I kinda disappeared for a while there. Things got a little crazy in my life, and since everything is so new, I got overwhelmed. I really missed sharing my life, and reading about yours, and I am making a stand on this rainy Monday in Mobile. I will blog again!!

I will just post the highlights for now....I don't want to overwhelm everyone with everything all at once.

First, we had to give our dog back. My adorable Smooter is gone to a new home.  We had an altercation with her, and she bit me and drew blood (and left a scar!) and then the kids were afraid of her. After she drew blood, she seemed to change in personality we are a pet free home once again. *sigh*

We took our first road trip since we've moved. We got to go to SC to visit our family for Thanksgiving....and we enjoyed every second of it! My only complaint about the trip is that it was way too short!

Things have been going well for us all the way down here in Alabama. We are getting more and more settled, and still building all of those deep, meaningful relationships that we so desire. But the longer we are here, the more we are certain that God is doing something awesome in our lives, and through our church. We couldn't be more grateful to have gone through what we did, to get to where we are, so we have the ability to be what God has called us to be!

I guess a lot of this has been very general, and big picture....but I'll get to details later. I am just happy to be writing again.

Well, I hope everyone enjoys their Monday! I know that seems quite paradoxical to say, but I pray it will happen for you!!

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GapGirl said...

yaa you blogged again. Had a great time chatting this past weekend. miss you though and can't wait to see you again <3